The Cutting Edge of Cancer Research – Episode 223

The Cutting Edge of Cancer Research

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Featuring: Michael Burton

Published: August 15, 2020

Michael Burton, President and CEO for Gateway for Cancer Research, discusses the value of clinical studies for cancer patients and the recent advancements in immunotherapy. He also shares what gives him hope and strengthens his faith as he works in the field of science.


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Show Notes:

Cancer Research is an often-misunderstood field of science. Michael Burton, President and CEO for Gateway for Cancer Research, shares how the patient-centered approach to Phase I and Phase II clinical studies betters the lives of cancer patients. “Whether it is a study that is seeking to cure the cancer or a study that is looking to extend life or extend quality of life—it is always and only about the patient.”

He also explores the implications of faith and science, which sometimes seem to contradict one another. “When you look at some of the great scientists the world has seen, many of them have been men and women of faith.”

Michael’s work is fueled by hope. When a clinical trial helps someone survive cancer, it inspires him to continue to persevere in funding cancer research. “A young woman in Philadelphia enrolled in a trial that we funded and was treated at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Her name is Maddie. This is a disease that, unfortunately, typically will kill the patient. Maddie went into this trial, and she thrived. That is the kind of stuff that gives me hope.”


  • “Some of the greatest scientists are actually very much inspired by their faith.”
  • “Clinical trials are absolutely imperative in shaping how this disease we call cancer is treated.”
  • “Oftentimes, the people who are on a clinical trial and are receiving an investigational treatment, are taking a drug that will ultimately become the standard of care for that disease.”

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