Can This Really Happen to Me? – Episode 224

Can This Really Happen to Me?

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Featuring: Trish Garnett

Published: August 22, 2020

Trish Garnett helped support cancer patients for more than 20 years but was shocked when she received her breast cancer diagnosis. She shares about what inspires hope for her on a daily basis.


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Show Notes:

Trish Garnett has served as a nurse navigator for more than 20 years, helping cancer patients walk through the logistics of their cancer treatments. Yet when she received her breast cancer diagnosis, she was shocked. “I never thought it was going to happen to me. I was trembling.”

Once she embraced her diagnosis, she determined to keep herself positive, seek medical care, and place her trust in God. “As long as you have faith and you have support, you can get through it. We all can get through this.”

One of her biggest inspirations for hope on a daily basis was the cancer patients she cared for. “It gave me satisfaction to come to work every day to know that I could interact with my patients. They actually lifted me up every day to give me the strength to get through my days.”

Now Trish continues to be inspired with hope as she watches her children grow, looks forward to grandchildren, and to continue to care for her cancer patients. “I literally enjoy coming to work every day. I want to spread the word that they have support and we can beat this cancer.”


  • “I feel as though I was given cancer for a reason, and I think it is to help people.”
  • “An experience like this kind of empowers you to say, ‘I am not going to sit on the sideline and watch the parade go by. I am getting ready to jump on the float. And I am going to get in the front of the parade and do this thing.’”
  • “Working through a cancer journey is not about just not being sick, but it is about living your best life. And what else is there yet to be done or accomplished or seen that you have not done yet?”

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