What Gives Me Hope to Face Cancer Today – Episode 225

What Gives Me Hope to Face Cancer Today

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Featuring: Linda Harrison and Chris Prioli


Published: August 29, 2020

Linda Harrison and Chris Prioli are both cancer patients and caregivers for one another. They share with Rev. Percy McCray about how cancer draws them closer to God and to one another. Today they believe they have stronger faith and a stronger marriage.


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Show Notes:

Chris Prioli has been treated for bladder cancer for years, so when his wife, Linda Harrison, was diagnosed with thyroid and jaw cancer, he immediately jumped into task mode, while his wife dealt with the shock. “I just handed the phone to Chris because I did not know what to say. I did not expect it.”

Both of them approach their cancer journeys as a couple with hope and faith in God. “I’m a firm believer that the good Lord will never give us more than we can handle,” Chris says. “Whatever He sends our way, He is sending our way for a reason. And whether it is to strengthen our faith or to strengthen the bond that we have for each other, either way, it has certainly done that.”

In order to continue to move forward in their treatments, they have needed to not allow their health challenges to separate them from God or one another. “The whole thing is, you have faith. You can’t give up,” Linda says.

As they face the bumps in the road, they hold onto hope. “What gives me hope today is that God will give me tomorrow,” Chris says.


  • “God is going to be with me no matter what because He promises—whether we live or whether we die—He will be with us.”
  • “You have to believe that God gives people the ability to do what they have to do to help you.”
  • “The good Lord gives us each day as it comes, and we have to just be thankful and be prepared for those days as they come.”

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