A Changed Caregiver – Episode 226

A Changed Caregiver

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Featuring: Kathy Small


Published: September 5, 2020

Kathy Small shares with Percy McCray about her source of hope while receiving treatment for a rare blood disease and how her life is impacted by caring for everyday heroes in the cancer clinic.


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Show Notes:

Kathy Small grew up as a caretaker, helping her mom with housework and looking after siblings, so serving as a nurse navigator for more than 20 years is part of her DNA. “I always wanted to help people, and this is one of the ways that I found that I could do that.”

She guides cancer patients through the maze of the healthcare system and supports them in the day-to-day steps of their treatment. But when she received a diagnosis for a rare blood disease, her heart for caring for patients changed. “I’ve always been patient-centric, but coming from their perspective … they feel like someone understands.” 

Kathy shares with Percy McCray the impact faith and hope have in her treatment and in the lives of her clients. “With spirituality, you have somewhere to go.  You may not have someone around you in your immediate vicinity that can understand, but you can go to Him and speak to Him and … He will get you through.” 

Her current dream is to open up a community center where people can explore creative art. “Creative expression is a part of spirituality, and a lot of people are stunted because they have to go through this mundane Monday-to-Friday thing. (I am) trying to give them a way to be able to express without being talked down. I want to be an avenue for that.”


  • “We are going to take this one day at a time and I am going to be here for the ride.” 
  • “Do not sweat the small stuff. Not everything is a big deal.”
  • “The body and the mind are connected in many ways. The way that you think comes from your spirituality, from your beliefs … and through adversities, you gain resilience, and you find there is something that is there supporting you—you are never alone.”

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