Cancer Helped Me Do It! – Episode 227

Cancer Helped Me Do It!

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Featuring: Rev. Percy McCray


Published: September 12, 2020

Cancer is not a good thing, but sometimes it acts as a catalyst to propel patients toward accomplishing amazing things. Rev. Percy McCray and Wayne Shepherd share stories about cancer patients that used their suffering as a launch pad to greater purpose.


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Show Notes:

Rev. Percy McCray and host Wayne Shepherd share inspiring stories of cancer patients who use their sickness as a catalyst toward the good of others. “God does not give cancer. But I do believe that God … will empower us to take advantage of the opportunities of our negative circumstance, because when we are weak, that is when His power rests upon us, and then we become strong.”

They share inspiring stories of cancer patients who—because of their cancer—are blessing others in extraordinary ways. “It is easy to think that cancer is an end. But with God, an end can be a beginning of wonderful things.” 

They also encourage cancer patients to look for the opportunities in their cancer journey. “Cancer is a disease that challenges our body, our mind, and our spirit.  But it can also be a catalyst that causes us to draw near to God to discover new passions … and to do something that we never otherwise thought would be done.”


  • “There is always hope, and hope is an open door to God, and we never know what can walk in or out of an open door.”
  • “Know this—God did not put cancer on you, but He can use it as an opportunity to work good in and through your life according to Romans 8:28.”
  • “You may be dealing with cancer. Someone may have told you that this may be the end, or there’s not much else that can be done. Do not allow that to stop what God is putting in your heart with whatever your unique gift, talent, or ability may be, and that when you are weak, the power of Christ will rest upon you and make you strong.”

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