Praise God Through the Cancer – Episode 229

Praise God Through the Cancer

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Featuring: Latashia Smith


Published: September 26, 2020

Latashia Smith, a multiple myeloma cancer survivor, shares with Rev. Percy McCray her faith journey through cancer treatment and how God has used her difficulty to deepen her faith and bring her to a new place of peace.


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Show Notes:

Latashia Smith struggled to believe her blood disease diagnosis at first. “I am too young … this cannot be right.” But after monitoring her blood levels for several months, doctors confirmed her case of multiple myeloma.

She spent a month in the hospital for a stem cell transplant and the lonely times forced Latashia to depend on her faith. “God is my strength. He is my redeemer. Whatever the situation is, I am going to praise Him anyway.”

Her committed faith sometimes included difficult questions. “Going through it, it was okay to cry, it was okay to question and all those things … I do not think you really understand (faith) until it is tested.”

Now Latashia is in remission, training to become a minister, and enjoys time with her family. God’s love for her fuels her hope. “God loves me … He chose us when He came down. He called us. He prepares us. That is what drives me.”


  • “I am not worried about what my blood work is going to say. I am not even thinking about the ‘what ifs’ because I know He has me.”
  • “Our faith does not protect us from negative things happening to us. It strengthens us and empowers us when negative things happen.”
  • “Regardless of what the outcome is going to be, He has my back. And I can find comfort in that even when I am going through the storm.”

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