Faith in Medical Science During Cancer Care – Episode 230

Faith in Medical Science During Cancer Care

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Featuring: Imogene Cross-Best


Published: October 3, 2020

Imogene Cross-Best, a breast cancer patient, shares with Rev. Percy McCray the conundrum she faced of choosing conventional treatment vs. only utilizing holistic care. Imogene eventually concluded, “We need to trust God through everything, including our medical care.”


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Show Notes:

Imogene Cross-Best did not initially utilize medical treatment for her breast cancer and acknowledged that she was initially in denial. After receiving follow-up contact from her medical insurance company inquiring what she was doing about her diagnosis, and after several clinical visits, testing, and additional medical conversations, she eventually relented to a treatment protocol at Cancer Treatment Centers of America®.

Imogene shares with Rev. McCray the struggle she had, like many other persons who have to decide if they should ultimately pursue conventional medical care while only wanting a holistic approach for their disease. She shares that having a “Team” that included “whole person support services” made the difference for her opting into a conventional medical protocol.

Imogene states that after eventually starting her medical treatment, she feels “like l have been chosen to go through this, but I did not go through it by myself. I had the Holy Ghost to help me through.” 

She enthusiastically declares that instead of complaining, she just worshiped God and gave Him glory for allowing her to experience this. “When you have experienced God as your everything, it just makes going through it so much more pleasant.”


  • “You’re crazy, I’m not going through that!” (medical treatment)
  • “The shift was, choosing to trust God no matter what I decided to do.”
  • “Coming here (CTCA), meeting all the team, the doctors, just convinced me that I should just trust God (to do medical
    care) …”
  • “It’s been beautiful, I’m going through the process.”
  • “I’m a minister; you can’t minister something you haven’t experienced.”

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