The Lord Takes Care of Me – Episode 231

The Lord Takes Care of Me

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Featuring: Coramae Blanck


Published: October 10, 2020

Coramae Blanck, a uterine cancer patient diagnosed in 2015, shares with Rev. Percy McCray how God assisted her through her medical care, and who, with a family history of cancer, was not initially shocked when told of her diagnosis. With strong family and community support, Coramae discovered a deeper and more abiding spiritual walk with God and assurance of her faith that propelled her to be a blessing in the lives of many.


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Show Notes:

Coramae Blanck remembers a lot of crying and hugging from family members when she had to tell them she had cancer.

Coramae shares with Rev. McCray, with faith and spirituality being an important aspect of her life and being active in her local church, how she came to realize that she was not the only one within her congregation who was dealing with cancer. Due to maintaining an element of privacy, she initially did not publicly share her diagnosis, but after a recurrence, Coramae’s situation became more complicated and she felt compelled to allow her church family to know about her health condition and sought their spiritual support.

While receiving her treatment at CTCA® Philadelphia, Coramae recalls she and her family being comforted with prayer by her surgeon and entire medical team who surrounded her bed prior to her procedure.

Coramae, who sings in her local church, recalls once she went public with her diagnosis, people sought her out to ask questions and she was able to give them comforting answers and provide prayers of support. She concluded that she felt God was calling her to share and encourage others as a result of her personal journey.

Coramae discloses that after receiving a disappointing fourth occurrence, she and her husband went out to have a nice dinner to decompress and found that someone had paid for their meal. Being confused and asking why, Coramae remembered that the gentleman who facilitated this seemingly random act of kindness wore a gold cross on his neck. Several days later, Coramae had an epiphany that this act of grace was not random, but a sign “that Jesus is telling me that he was going to take care of us.” She concludes her discussion by singing the stanza of “Because He Lives, I Can Face Tomorrow”!


  • “It was my turn.”
  • “I knew I needed to get some prayer.”
  • “Knowing my experiences can help other people go through.”
  • “When I had the third time, the tumor in the lung, I said what can I do … I know You’re (God) approaching me to do something.”
  • “I travel to different churches to sing.”
  • “I have done testimonies of how the Lord has guided and directed me through things.”

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