God Carried Me Through Cancer – Episode 233

God Carried Me Through Cancer

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Featuring: Choona Boiano


Published: October 24, 2020

Choona Boiano, former breast cancer patient who had a family history of cancer and survived, shares with Rev. Percy McCray that she was not really surprised when told of her diagnosis. She “knows that tomorrow is promised to nobody,” but yet declares that she is here and acknowledges, “I know that God has something for me somewhere, sometime!”


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Show Notes:

Choona Boiano was four months behind on her yearly routine mammogram, and after persistently being contacted by her physician’s office of nine years, she finally followed up on taking her diagnostic test. What followed was that she was asked to perform additional scans, which confirmed she had cancer. Choona was not a stranger to working through bad news, as she had lost several family members from cancer, including her father, before her diagnosis.
Choona shares with Rev. McCray that despite experiencing multiple trials and challenges in her life, her family would not allow her to believe her diagnosis would be the end of the road. She confidently states that along with good medical care, and strong family support, that God was ultimately the driving force working within her to push through her medical process.
God was the key “element” that allowed her to keep moving forward. “God, He’s the only one … He carried me when I couldn’t carry myself, when I couldn’t walk anymore …”
Choona exclaims, “You just conquered cancer, girlfriend, what are you waiting for …” So, after being deemed cancer free, she pursued an unfulfilled desire of wanting to sing and talks of taking voice lessons. “The things I had feared to do, I’m kind of fearless now,” Choona declares.
“Just the thought that I have time, more time that I can wake up tomorrow” stirs the fire of her hope.


  • “You have cancer, but it’s curable.”
  • “My family (CTCA®) here was amazing.”
  • “I had gone through so much … I just figured this could not be the end.”
  • “I just knew He (God) had something else for me.”
  • “He wasn’t done with me yet.”
  • “When I couldn’t do what I had to do, I gave it to God.”
  • “You know what else is really special: you don’t sweat the small stuff.”

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