Battling Cancer with the Word of God – Episode 234

Battling Cancer with the Word of God

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Featuring: Pastor Lloyd Wright


Published: October 31, 2020

Pastor Lloyd Wright, who was leading his local congregation as well as serving as a hospital chaplain, shares with Rev. Percy McCray his battle with three separate bouts of colon cancer, a stroke and temporary amnesia, which he chronicled in his book Fighting for My Life, explaining how he overcame the mental, emotional and physical journey to be cancer free.


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Show Notes:

Pastor Lloyd Wright expresses that he felt “shocked, numb, frozen, and confused” when he was first told he had colon cancer! He had heard those words uttered before to others, but when they were spoken to him, he was “devastated”!
Pastor Lloyd shares with Rev. Percy McCray that things moved very quickly with his first diagnosis. He states, “I did not give a whole lot of time to think of how I was going to make it through, but the very first time that I heard the word cancer, He (God) told me all sickness is not unto death.”

Pastor Lloyd discusses the multiple challenges he experienced while believing in the Word of God during his medical journey, but never felt his medical care conflicted with his faith. In fact, he fully expresses, “God uses doctors for a reason, and I believe that we have to use a doctor and prayer all at the same time.” “… I knew God was using this doctor to help me live …”

Pastor Lloyd also discusses some key messages from his book, Fighting for My Life. One of those messages expressed was trying to understand after his first diagnosis “what is God doing … What is He trying to do in my life?” Another key message he shared from another chapter of the book was about being more involved with one’s healthcare. He shares that “we want to take responsibility for our own health.” He declares, “We can miss something, because we don’t educate ourselves.”

Pastor Lloyd’s story concludes very differently than it began, and he enthusiastically exclaims, “the Word of God gives me so much hope today”!


  • “I was devastated and thought I was going to die in no time.”
  • “I thought the doctors were going to tell me I had a few months to live.”
  • “… At that time, I still could not comprehend what he (the doctor) was saying, because all I could hear was the bad news …”
  • “I started using the Word of God to bring me through.”
  • “I believe God sends the doctors to help us … to let us live longer.”

Contact information for Pastor Lloyd Wright’s book Fighting for My Life

Healing Grace Baptist Church
PO Box 18674
Milwaukee, WI 53218
(414) 218-3084

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