God Renews My Strength – Episode 235

God Renews My Strength

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Featuring: Featuring: Aloha Young

Published: November 7, 2020

When your spiritual tank is empty, pull up to God’s pump for a refuel and refresh.


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Show Notes:

Aloha Young, a two-time breast cancer patient, talks to Rev. Percy McCray about getting good news and bad news when she was first diagnosed. Aloha asked God, “Why me?” But she somehow circled back to say to herself, “Why not me?” and worked through initially feeling that her diagnosis may be her demise.

With the support of her family, Aloha gained strength after her diagnosis and felt her situation brought her closer to God and allowed her to better cope with her condition. She stresses that being a person of faith and having the ability to merge her faith with her medical treatments empowered and strengthened her to believe that her cancer care may produce a better outcome.

She shares with Rev. McCray that after recovering from surgery she had to adjust to a new normal. But she continues to travel and sing with her church choir and believes that you “cannot allow anything to stop you” from doing what you want to do. Aloha urges everyone to do as much as they can “to the best of their abilities,” adding, “you must keep going.”


  • “At first you think that you are diagnosed with cancer, that’s your fate.”
  • “I think sometimes when you go through a crisis in life, your faith gets stronger.”
  • “Cancer changes things and priorities in one’s life.”

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