How Cancer Can Change Your Life for the Better – Episode 236

How Cancer Can Change Your Life for the Better

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Featuring: Rev. Percy McCray and Wayne Shepherd

Published: November 14, 2020

Cancer is not good, but God can still work it together for your good.


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Show Notes:

Hosts Rev. Percy McCray and Wayne Shepherd discuss the potential of emerging from a cancer diagnosis with good experiences.

The hosts of the show explore key spiritual principles that may allow you to transition from an emotional and spiritual place of despair and hopelessness to the potential for growth, self-awareness and discovered purpose.

During their discussion, Rev. McCray and Shepherd acknowledge that many patients, depending on the type and stage of their disease, may not be able to initially see the potential of positive experiences during a cancer journey. Listen now and consider how God may be able to bring good gifts to you during your cancer experience.


  • “I am convinced that good can come from this (a cancer experience).”
  • “Everyone’s journey is different and unique.”
  • “Negative circumstances can cause people to dig deeper into their relationship of God.”
  • “Drawing upon our relationship with God (during times of trouble) is a good thing.”

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