Hope Has Arrived – Episode 237

Hope Has Arrived

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Featuring: Christopher Lawrence

Published: November 21, 2020

Hope changes how we see and experience the difficulties of life.


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Show Notes:

Christopher Lawrence’s life was going well. He was a husband, the father of young children and was living an athletic lifestyle. Then, when what he believed was a ‘mysterious sports injury” was diagnosed as stage IV bile duct cancer, he began a cancer journey that challenged him with “crushing fear.”

Christopher shares with Rev. McCray the encouragement and strength he found through his faith while undergoing long and difficult immunotherapy treatments for his cancer. He also describes the day he received a visit from his physician that was an emotional and spiritual game-changer.

Christopher discusses how being a cancer patient helped him “develop a compassion for people who are suffering that maybe (he) didn’t have before.” His experience also propelled him to start his own web-based ministry for cancer patients to help them find hope, strength and peace.


  • “I was first diagnosed, just like, ‘Wow, God, You’re asking a lot of me right now.’”
  • “It’s amazing how when you go through (cancer), when you get that news, how your life can be reduced to your priorities.”
  • “I was scared of most not being there for my wife and my daughter.”
  • “I just learned the importance of finding hope. It’s so critical for everybody facing cancer.”
  • Christopher’s physician: “I know how to treat this.”

Christopher Lawrence’s Online Cancer Ministry: