A Mother’s Heart – Episode 239

A Mother's Heart

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Edna Baptiste

Published: December 5, 2020

If we will allow Him, God will develop His heart in us to care for others.


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Show Notes:

Edna Baptiste has been a gospel singer and musician for 50 years, but she always was a caregiver at heart. As a teenager, Edna volunteered as a candy striper in hospitals. Now, she has been called upon to be a caregiver for her daughter, who has been twice diagnosed with cancer.

“I had to admit that I had to shed some tears,” she tells Rev. McCray. Inspired by her daughter’s resolve and emotional support, Edna says she eventually gained the strength often required to be a caregiver.

Edna provides helpful tips on how to be an effective caregiver and talks about realizing what she needed to do for her own spiritual well-being during this time. Edna also shares her profound gratitude to God for guiding her and her daughter during difficult days.


  • “God’s got this. This is not this kind of party.”
  • “I always thought I needed more, or I needed a lot of other things.”
  • “When one is told that they have cancer, it’s a moment of truth…”
  • “Get a direction from Him (God) every day.”
  • “Connect yourself with other like-minded people.”

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