Filling the Void Between Faith and Medicine – Episode 240

Filling the Void Between Faith and Medicine

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Dr. Chevon Rariy

Published: December 12, 2020

When an integrative approach involves embracing both spirituality and science.


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Show Notes:

Dr. Chevon Rariy, an endocrinologist, focuses on the diagnosis and treatments of endocrine disorders in hormone-producing glands, such as the pancreas, thyroid and pituitary glands. Dr. Rariy says she chose her field of medicine to better be able to “treat patients holistically,” adding, “I went into medicine because I had this drive. I wanted to learn a bit more about one of God’s creations.”

Dr. Rariy shares with Rev. McCray the benefits of ‘telehealth’ as a growing healthcare practice. As a clinician who embraces a personal commitment of faith, Dr. Rariy also helps listeners understand that patients are “more than a physical human being,” and how she looks at patients from a spiritual perspective.

“I start each and every day praising the Lord,” she says. “I start each and every day understanding what He has provided both for me and for my patients.”


  • “Anything that will help push the ability for access of medical care has to become our priority of the day.”
  • “Does spirituality improve mortality? Or does spirituality improve how one responds to cancer? I would say we do not have that information, but more importantly, perhaps it’s not about that. It’s more of, does spirituality impact you on a day-to-day basis.”
  • “Yet it’s the strength of that spirit (faith) that they (cancer patients) have that they’re able to move forward.”

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