God Is Faithful: Cancer Survivor Testimony – Episode 242

God Is Faithful: Cancer Survivor Testimony

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Dean Johnson

Published: December 26, 2020

God can use a cancer battle to bring us out better than we started.


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Show Notes:

Dean Johnson, a prostate cancer patient who was diagnosed in December 2011, discusses the importance of men having regular prostate checks. Johnson, who currently has no evidence of disease, discusses his reluctance to get a prostate screening. And he shares his experiences with a men’s ministry group that empowered him during his journey.

Dean learned “from firsthand experience, that God is faithful,” he tells Rev. McCray. “Cancer has changed me into growing deeper in my understanding of who God is, what He does, and what it really means to have peace, especially in the midst of something like cancer,” he says.

“When you hear those words, ‘you have cancer,’ I believe, it inspires fear in people,” he says. When Dean and his wife were initially told this, they had no fear, he says, and experienced total peace. Dean says he found purpose from his cancer journey and now travels abroad to speak to men’s groups about his experiences and about being responsible and accountable.


  • “I was not afraid to die.”
  • “I can talk with men about the issues in my life and the medical problems and encourage them as well as get some encouragement and some comfort from them.”
  • “Once you’ve been through something like cancer, you know from experience and you know deep in your soul that He (God) is faithful.”

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