Gifts from God to Treat Cancer – Episode 244

Gifts from God to Treat Cancer

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Dr. Hatem Halabi

Published: January 9, 2021

God places gifts inside doctors and each of us to do what He’s called us to do.


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Show Notes:

Hatem Halabi, MD, is a Surgical Oncologist, who performed host Rev. Percy McCray’s robotic colon cancer surgery in July 2019. Encouraged to be a physician by his parents, Dr. Halabi was mentored to be a patient-centric clinician who focuses on good bedside manner, clear communication and setting realistic expectations for his patients.

Dr. Halabi and Rev. McCray discuss the process and advantages of robotic surgery. They also discuss the potential power of one’s beliefs, a positive attitude, faith and spirituality and the importance of being healthy prior to surgery.

Dr. Halabi says he does not have to share the same religious beliefs as his patients to connect with them spiritually. And he shares his experience of being humbled by a request of one of his patients, who was a pastor.

“I admit that I learned a lot from my patients,” he says, adding, “for us to suppress our egos and to think whatever we have, it’s all a gift from God.”


  • “(Robotic surgery) gives us much better visualization because we see 3D with the robot.”
  • “I always tell my patients, doing surgery is more like a teamwork. And the patient, the center of attention, is a most important aspect of that team, but we have to help each other.”
  • “I think setting the right expectations for the patients is very important.”
  • “As much we take care of our body, our body’s going to take care of us.”
  • I always feel good whenever the patient asked me to pray before surgery.”
  • “He (a pastor) reminded me the gift I have, is a gift from God.”

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