Cancer Produced in Me a Warrior’s Spirit – Episode 249

Cancer Produced in Me a Warrior’s Spirit

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Featuring: Kim Anderson

Published: February 13, 2021

Cancer has a way of placing a demand on one’s untapped potential to act.


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Show Notes:

Kim Anderson, a two-time cancer patient, who was treated at CTCA® Chicago, talks with Rev. Percy McCray about how she was home alone when she received her cancer diagnosis over the phone. Kim, who has a family history of cancer, says her experience drew her and her husband closer. “[It feels like] you and me against the world,” the empty nester told her husband.

Learn how this educator, who lives on a farm her family has owned since the 1800s, was challenged by a statement made by one of her students, who said, “Life is not a dress rehearsal; this is the show.” Kim shares with Rev. McCray how she was “rewarded” during her cancer journey and the rewards she continues to receive from being a cancer survivor.


  • “It felt like God just wrapped His arms around me.”
  • “You can do this because you’re at peace with what’s happening.”
  • “I know that sometimes a sickness, cancer or whatever, can be a defining moment in relationships.”
  • “Just because you have cancer doesn’t mean you don’t have other things going on.”
  • “Cancer has taught me I can’t live in fear of failing at something because I’ve already conquered so much.”
  • “Follow your passion, because you will be rewarded.”

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