Despite Being Angry with God, I Found Purpose – Episode 253

Despite Being Angry with God, I Found Purpose

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Niki Hardy

Published: March 13, 2021

God can bring good from the ashes of our disappointment with Him.


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Show Notes:

Author and podcaster Niki Hardy shares with host Rev. Percy McCray the emotional roller-coaster she rode when she was diagnosed with cancer six years and six months to the day after she lost her mother and her sister respectively. Niki tells Rev. McCray how she went from “falling apart” emotionally when told of her cancer diagnosis to being “mad at God.” The circumstances caused her to wonder if there was “a heat-seeking missile of death in our family that is now locked in on me?” she says. After relocating her family from England to start a church in the United States, Niki eventually was able to recalibrate her emotions to focus on serving others who may be struggling with a cancer diagnosis as she once had.

Rev. McCray and Niki discuss the motivation that allowed her to focus her ministry on the cancer community. “I knew I needed to pray,” she says. “I knew that I wanted to pray, but I just needed help and guidance to know how to do that.” Niki has created a platform that assists other cancer patients by walking them through a guided prayer exercise during her podcasts. Listen and learn how this “Brit with a stiff upper lip” went from being “angry” for having cancer to being “available” to those fighting this disease.


  • “I was merely surviving a life I hadn’t signed up for.”
  • “Life doesn’t have to be pain-free to be full.”
  • “My hope is driven by the truth that God is good, even if life isn’t.”
  • “It’s not just pie in the sky when you die, there’s cake on your plate while you wait.”

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