Confronting the Reputation of Cancer – Episode 256

Confronting the Reputation of Cancer

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Rev. Percy McCray

Published: April 3, 2021

Can the reputation of a person, place or thing defeat you?

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Show Notes:

Host Rev. Percy McCray discusses the mental and emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis and how the sense of hopelessness it often brings may dis-empower many, “short-circuiting one’s right, reason and resource” for having hope and optimism for survival.

Rev. McCray says that for many, hearing they have cancer may create fear and intimidation. According to the National Cancer Institute and the National Society of Oncology, fear drives “anxiety and distress”, which may trigger “emotional response to cancer and influence both morbidity and mortality.”

Listen and be inspired by the possibility of what a renewed attitude toward cancer may do and how when we “transform our thinking about the bully’s power, the bully’s effect of fear may change over us.”


  • “Cancer has a reputation. When we hear initially the term itself, it invokes immediate thoughts…”
  • “[Cancer] in a way is like a bully.”
  • “We must renew or change our mental attitude and disposition [toward cancer].”
  • “Patients are living longer with a cancer diagnosis.”

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