In the Multitude of Counselors, There Is Safety – Episode 257

In the Multitude of Counselors, There Is Safety

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Featuring: Whitney Owens

Published: April 10, 2021

There are times that additional counseling beyond the faith leader is needed.

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Show Notes:

Licensed professional counselor Whitney Owens joins host Rev. Percy McCray to discuss how members of a faith community may benefit from seeking counseling from those outside of their church.

“Counseling helps us be more people of faith,” Whitney says, “especially if you’re seeing a Christian counselor that you’re talking about your faith, because honestly, there are some issues within faith that you might not be comfortable sharing with your faith community.”

Whitney combines her experiences of having lost her grandfather and her own personal scare, with her clinical training and background. She shares insight on the trigger points and signs that may be associated with emotional stress that could indicate a need for counseling as the result of a cancer journey to patients and their families.


    • “A lot of people go to counseling; they don’t have any kind of diagnosable mental health issue.”
    • “A lot of times cancer patients feel that they have to be strong for the people around them, or they can’t be completely honest with people.”
    • “God forbid that I would get prayer and then wonder if it’s actually working or not.”
    • “Most people wait too long to go see a therapist.”

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