How I Fought Two Cancers and Overcame Other Stuff Too – Episode 258

How I Fought Two Cancers and Overcame Other Stuff, Too

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Featuring: Keith Guernsey

Published: April 17, 2021

Overcoming the odds of multiple health care challenges.

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Show Notes:

Keith Guernsey has twice been diagnosed with cancer, had brain surgery and has overcome morbid obesity. He shares with show host Rev. Percy McCray how he overcame the odds of negative health challenges in his life.

Keith, who has written four books including Overcoming the Odds, explains his approach to working through difficult challenges. “it’s imperative that you cultivate and keep a positive mental attitude. It goes such a long way towards your success in beating the obstacles that life throws in your way,” he says.

“To cultivate and maintain a positive attitude, you have to strike out words like can’t and won’t,” he says. “And at 68 years young, I’m healthier now than at any time since I stopped playing hockey when I was 28.”


    • “My urologist told me that I in fact had prostate cancer, and shivers went down my spine.”
    • “My goal is to live 27 more years…”
    • [What gives me hope] “That the pandemic will be over and that I’ll write a best seller.”

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