Cancer Helped Me Be More Patient – Episode 259

Cancer Helped Me Be More Patient

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Featuring: Rev. Maxcine Collier

Published: April 24, 2021

Walking the thin line of clinical care and following one’s spiritual beliefs.

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Show Notes:

Rev. Maxcine Collier was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2019 and received her medical care at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), Philadelphia. She discusses with host Rev. Percy McCray the challenging aspects of her cancer journey, including making a difficult decision regarding a clinical procedure.

Rev. Collier, who at the time of this discussion was no longer receiving treatment, reveals how having cancer made her “much more patient” with people. I used to not know what cancer patients were going through,” she says. “I can certainly empathize much more, since my personal experience with others who were battling cancer.”

As a minister and associate pastor at Galilee Baptist Church in Philadelphia, Rev. Collier feels that her ministry has been enhanced as a result of being a cancer patient. “My sermons are even stronger because I have a personal testimony that I can give to others that will give them hope,” she says.


  • “I got a telephone call and not the best way to receive that kind of news [you have cancer]. And it was like a bomb had dropped on me.”
  • “I was a little scared, and definitely anxious.”
  • “I started praying that I would be able to face whatever trials and tribulations would come ahead.”
  • “I did the next practical thing and sought out more opinions.”

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