Unleash Your God-Given Healing – Episode 260

Cancer Helped Me Be More Patient

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Featuring: Virginia (Ginny) Brant

Published: May 1, 2021

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Show Notes:

Virginia (Ginny) Brant, author and breast cancer patient at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) Atlanta joins host Rev. Percy McCray to discuss her cancer journey and her book Unleash Your God-Given Healing: Eight Steps to Prevent and Survive Cancer.

A long-time teacher, counselor, adjunct professor and health enthusiast, Ginny shares with Rev. McCray how difficult it was to learn of her cancer diagnosis while still grieving the loss of her mother just four months earlier from breast cancer. She candidly discusses how she and her husband cried together after learning of her diagnosis.

“I just couldn’t understand how a health nut like me, who was trying not to get cancer, got cancer,” she says.

Ginny shares insights from her book that she believes will inspire others to develop a healthy lifestyle. “I learned during the journey when you use your faith, you’re going to fare better,” she says. “But again, I knew the worst that could happen to me was this might be my ticket to heaven.”


  • “Cancer is an up and down roller-coaster journey.”
  • “I didn’t want people to know I had cancer.”
  • “It is important that a cancer patient not get caught up in the fear.”
  • “I’m doing great. I’m healthy. I’m thriving.”

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