What’s in Your Environment? – Episode 263

What’s in Your Environment?

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Featuring: Katherine Finelli

Published: May 22, 2021

The power a “community” can have on one’s outlook.

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Show Notes:

Katherine Finelli was originally diagnosed in August 2018 with a rare form of cervical cancer, she received treatment at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) and tells host Rev. Percy McCray that she experienced “despair” and “devastation” upon learning of her disease.

“I was diagnosed by my beloved ob-gyn,” she says. “I just had a baby, and my husband and I were thrilled and enjoying life with our new child, and it (my cancer diagnosis) stopped everything. That day is forever ingrained in my mind.”

Katherine discusses the day when she and her husband opened and read her CT scan, and how they both collapsed into each other’s arms. “It was much worse than we could ever imagine,” she says. “It showed progressive disease metastasis.”

Katherine says her clinical care environment was game-changing, providing her with mental, emotional, and spiritual support that she feels was a major contributor to her overall positive cancer journey.

“Get strength from wherever you can,” she says. “Reach out, talk to people, and just draw from their strength. The journey is not a death sentence, as I thought it was. I’ve been given life through proper care.”


  • “It [my cancer diagnosis] turned into overwhelming panic.”
  • “Every journey is different…”
  • “A [cancer] journey is challenging, but there is a lot of people who have gone through the same thing.”

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