A Shepherd Who Is Still Learning – Episode 265

A Shepherd Who Is Still Learning

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Featuring: Rev. Bob Weger

Published: June 5, 2021

When the teacher needs to be taught.

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Show Notes:

Rev. Bob Weger, senior Pastor at Bible Baptist Church in Lawton, Oklahoma, joins Rev. Percy McCray to discuss his diagnosis of stage IV non-Hodgkin lymphoma, his treatment at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), and his decision to receive didactic training from the free Our Journey of Hope® (OJOH) cancer care leadership program.

“Having been a cancer patient myself, I had a new perspective just from understanding where the cancer patient is,” Rev. Weger says. “But I noticed, as a pastor, while I had ministered to people with cancer, I didn’t have a clear grasp on how I could meet the needs of my people or those of my community that were battling cancer.”

Rev. Weger’s OJOH experience may provide insight to other spiritual leaders who are considering the need for cancer care ministry training and establishing a program in their local church.

“I would encourage leadership within the church to consider taking and attending [the OJOH] seminars for this reason,” Rev. Weger says. “We seek to minister to the trichotomy beings that we are—body, soul and spirit—and we oftentimes put great emphasis on the spiritual side, but so often we don’t seek to minister so well to the physical body.”


  • “We see people in our congregations that are battling the cancer, but we often know not how to help them.”
  • “Going through the [OJOH] curriculum was extremely helpful.”
  • “Going through this training as a minister, you now have been equipped, you’ve been given the tools to go and say, ‘Let’s remove some of those fears.’”

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