A Voice Crying Out – Episode 266

A Voice Crying Out

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Featuring: Nicolle Surratte

Published: June 12, 2021

Using the power of one’s voice to make a difference for others.

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Show Notes:

Author, singer, public speaker, breast cancer survivor and cancer community advocate, Nicolle Surratte talks to Rev. Percy McCray about coming to terms with her life’s calling as a result of her cancer journey. “I need to be on this platform, promoting health and wellness as a lifestyle with an emphasis on stress management,” she says.

Nicolle says one of her focuses is “working with young women so that they are their own advocates.” Her core message is “nobody knows our body like we do. So, if something doesn’t look right, if it doesn’t feel right, go with your gut instinct.”

She further shares about a program she helped create “to inform communities of color about triple negative breast cancer in the Delaware” community. Nicolle has been trained in public policy and has had the opportunity to speak with various government leaders, “which was just an amazing experience. And our legislators didn’t even know about our status in Delaware, and that was eye opening to them.”

Listen and be inspired by this dynamic and committed cancer thriver, as she speaks her truth to power on behalf of multitudes of women fighting cancer.


  • “Bringing survivors together, whether it’s through a Zoom call, in person, at events; I send out monthly text messages because I want my bosom buddies to be encouraged.”
  • “I make myself available to my LinkedIn pink sisters. They know that they can call me any time to ask questions if they need help or if they just want to vent, because nobody knows the journey like somebody who’s been there and done that. And unfortunately got the t-shirt.”
  • “I’m on the front lines; I’m comfortable there.”

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