Maintaining a Spirit of Thanksgiving – Episode 269

Maintaining a Spirit of Thanksgiving

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Featuring: Doe Pearson

Published: July 3, 2021

Allowing the attitude of gratitude to focus your spirit, mind, and emotions during a cancer journey.

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Show Notes:

Doe Pearson, a breast cancer patient who works at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), Phoenix, takes time to speak with Rev. Percy McCray about how her faith and support team enabled her to go through her treatment process after she was diagnosed in 2019. She also discusses how seeing and working with cancer patients every day has had a tremendous impact on her.

“I would wake up every day and thank Him for giving me all the different people,” she says. “I would pray for everybody that would walk through the door because, what a journey for them. Yeah, how scary it must be for them.”

She also shares how she gained strength from the passing of her mother and father from non-cancer related health challenges. “I was not afraid to have cancer, I wouldn’t be afraid to have anything,” Doe says. “I know that sounds weird.”

Doe provides insight about how she is able to remain grateful and give thanks despite her medical challenges. “Waking up every day and seeing people smiling, they’re amazing what they go through,” she says. “I can’t tell you how much I feel honored and blessed.”


  • “So, I was shocked [when told I had cancer].”
  • “I knew I was in really good hands [at CTCA]. I think that’s what made me feel so safe.”
  • “[I] know that people go through worse things than I go through.”
  • “I just thank God every day, every day I wake up, like for the sky, the mountains, for the family, the friends, people that you run into that touch your life …”

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