Food, Faith and Friendship Is What I Do – Episode 272

Food, Faith and Friendship Is What I Do

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Featuring: Janet Brown

Published: July 24, 2021

Man shall not live by bread alone.

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Show Notes:

Janet Brown, a culinary service provider at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), Phoenix for eight years, sits down with host Rev. Percy McCray to chat about her passion for food, faith and building friendships of hope.

Janet hails from the friendly Caribbean island of Jamaica, where good food and a zeal for life helped shape her approach to what she does every day for cancer patients.

Losing her mother to cancer after a six-month battle greatly affected her and her siblings and has provided her with the empathy and desire to serve the cancer community.

“The Lord has a way to place those in places where he knows he’s going to use us,” she says. “When I came to work [at CTCA], I was placed here by God.” Janet says she also ministers and prays with patients if ever called upon. “There are times when I go to deliver food, a smile comes on the patients, they know it’s their meals coming. They smile, they know they’re getting food,” she says. “So basically, they’re happy about it. I’m not a nurse who’s going to give them a needle or medication. I’m giving them food.”


  • “I pray with patients and I don’t mind because I love praying.”
  • “I think the Lord has given me the gift to pray.”
  • “Prayer is one thing that gives them [cancer patients] the hope that, yes, there is something for them to connect with the Lord.”
  • “My hope is that every cancer patient can put their belief in God and know that He loves them, and He cares for them, even as they go into their treatment.”

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