Finding Healing in Wholeness vs. Being Cured – Episode 273

Finding Healing in Wholeness vs. Being Cured

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Featuring: Kim Bergay

Published: July 31, 2021

How does one reconcile not being cured of cancer.

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Show Notes:

Host Rev. Percy McCray sits down with veteran nurse Kim Bergay to talk about how she was inspired by family members who served in the nursing profession.

A nurse of 16 years, Kim discusses the nuances of support to cancer patients, and their expectations of outcomes of their treatments. She talks about the distinct differences between being “cured” versus experiencing “healing.”

“When I first came to CTCA®, working with oncology patients, people were looking for a cure,” she says. “What I learned over the years is we need to help them focus on healing.”

Bergay says anxiety and stress also need to be addressed or they may cause patients to shut down and become an obstacle to a positive outcome. “By helping them through that and helping them realize that there are other things that are involved in healing, it can help them—maybe not cure them—but help heal that part of [them],” she says.

Possessing a strong intrinsic spiritual belief system, Kim also states that she feels “blessed to be able to ask for permission to talk to [patients] about [spirituality], and if they are spiritual, I can pray with them. I can ask them, do you want prayer today? And by just getting that off their chest or praying with them, you can see that it is helping them in healing in various ways.”


  • “I feel like as long as I can go each day and kind of be the light in them [cancer patients], it’s not always about the outcome of the day.”
  • “Did I do my role in helping them with their journey and making their journey a little bit easier, not necessarily cure them, but help them heal throughout their journey?”
  • “I just feel like [spiritually supporting patients] just kind of is another tool in my toolbox of things that I can do for [patients]. I, of course, need to first and foremost, do the nursing care that they need, but you can do several things simultaneously.”

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