Medical Treatment Was Not My First Choice – Episode 276

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Featuring: Pastor LaShonda Humphries

Published: August 21, 2021

When it takes as much faith to receive medical care as it does to stand on the Word of God.

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Show Notes:

Breast cancer patient Pastor LaShonda Humphries, a patient at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), Atlanta, gets behind the microphone with Rev. Percy McCray to discuss being a wife, mother of seven children, and co-pastor of a local church who is walking the path of cancer treatment and recovery.

Pastor Humphries shares insights about being angry with God about her diagnosis and the spiritual conflict she faced seeking medical care for her cancer. “I felt like that I wasn’t trusting God or that I wasn’t a strong woman of God by taking the clinical route,” she says.

Humphries discusses the moment of truth she faced and the difficult choices that she and her husband wrestled with in moving forward with her care. “My health had degenerated to such a point to where I was rapidly losing weight,” she says. “I wasn’t getting out of bed. I wasn’t eating. In essence, I was dying.”

A woman of deep faith, Pastor Humphries talks about how she shared her health challenge with her church congregation. “Sharing that news was a place of some vulnerability, coming to the realization I don’t have to be super saint and I don’t have to be superwoman and I can ask for help,” she says. “It was humbling because I had to learn how to ask, instead of always having to be the strong one for the congregation.”


  • “It’s not very lucky to get cancer, so there was unbelief [when told of having cancer].”
  • “Anger definitely rose up inside of me.”
  • “I realize that this faith thing is not a clinical versus spiritual thing.”
  • “I heard the Lord say, ‘Whatever the doctor tells you, I want you to do it.’”

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