My Chapel Visit with the Lord – Episode 277

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Featuring: Pastor Trujuan Humphries

Published: August 28, 2021

Hearing your wife will die in seven days.

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Show Notes:

Rev. Percy McCray shares the studio with Rev. Trujuan Humphries, husband, father of seven, co-pastor of Info Life Church in Conyers, Georgia, and caregiver to wife, Pastor LaShonda Humphries.

In this installment, Rev. Humphries discusses his role of being caregiver to his wife, who had endured a difficult cancer journey experience.

Humphries shares the day that he and his wife received the news of her diagnosis: “I was actually sitting in my living room and my wife was back in our bedroom and she walked into the living room and she said, ‘the doctor said that I have cancer’ and she took off running,” he says. “So, my first initial reaction was just to take off running after her.”

After much vacillation about whether to pursue clinical care, his wife, while undergoing a routine hospital visit, experienced what would be a defining moment in their lives—one that challenged everything these spiritual leaders believed. On one memorable visit to the CTCA® Atlanta hospital chapel, Pastor Humphries had a face-to-face conversation with God about the crisis of faith he and his family were confronted with.

Listen to hear what Pastor Humphries says God told him would be the outcome.


  • “Sharing with the church was an opportunity to begin to help the people of God understand that the word [Bible] says that we are going to have trials and tribulations.”
  • “See the miracle of every day that He [God] allows you to keep on being able to pour into somebody. It is a daily walk that helps us to live this life.”
  • “Please understand that God has not left you.”

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