Letting It Go – Episode 278

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Featuring: Elaine Smith

Published: September 4, 2021

Why should I forgive someone; it’s not hurting me!

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Show Notes:

The Rev. Percy McCray welcomes Elaine Smith, a licensed marriage and family therapist and a behavioral health specialist at City of Hope®, Atlanta. As a family therapist, Elaine says she has always wanted “to help families have healthy approaches to life and solution making.”

Elaine, who also has managed a private practice and has worked for the court system as a guardian, shares how the “six-letter word of cancer ultimately and completely changes your life in the snap of a finger.” She talks about how the behavioral health specialists at City of Hope® help cancer patients “look at living one day at a time.”

Elaine and Rev. McCray explore the potential benefits of forgiveness and its role in the overall process of managing stress, which may complicate the path of healing.

“When I think about working with my cancer patients, I think about soothing their brain,” Elaine says. “I think about helping them understand that what they think and what they feel and how they act, is affecting their body and their health.”


  • “We look at the interaction of behavioral health in terms of everyday living.”
  • “I always feel that God is in action. Always that every moment that we really live in the spirit, we are guided to find ways to take very difficult situations and make them workable, make them endurable for ourselves.”
  • “Don’t live yesterday and don’t live tomorrow.”
  • “Forgiveness is giving mercy to ourselves.”

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