You Only Have One Life to Live – Episode 280

Health, Hope & Inspiration

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Featuring: Rev. Percy McCray

Published: September 18, 2021

Don’t waste today looking for tomorrow.

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Show Notes:

For many cancer patients, the future is uncertain. So, what should be the focus of approach and how does one measure success or failure during a cancer journey if life cannot be extended?

Rev. Percy McCray broaches the complicated subject of living a life of quality vs. quantity, and what are the key aspects that makes for a full or abundant life as outlined by biblical precepts.

This discussion will dig into the necessity of pursuing meaningful relationships, meaningful activities of love, and meaningful resolutions of conflicts.

You need to download this conversation now to hear this most important message of having only one life to live.


  • “We may not be able to determine how long we live, but we certainly can influence how well we live.”
  • “Perhaps we can all be well served by making better investments in the “QUALITY” of our lives.”

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