No Matter What, We Have a Testimony – Episode 285

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Featuring: Jennifer and Doug Culbert

Published: October 23, 2021

Everything after cancer is trivial.

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Show Notes:

Tune in to hear from Jennifer and Doug Culbert, a dynamic wife and husband couple, who discuss their cancer journey with Rev. Percy McCray.

Jennifer was twice diagnosed with cancer and received care at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), Atlanta. She is currently on hormone therapy. Diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, Jennifer shares her initial feelings about hearing that news.

“I was at my local doctor’s office,” she says. “It was surreal. I thought about everything I would miss with my kids and grandkids and, yeah, it was kind of devastating, because they gave me six months.”

As a couple, the Culberts had to work through some initial emotional hurdles before getting to a better state of mind.

“Three nights after my diagnosis, we couldn’t really sleep,” she says. “So, we were up late and talking and crying.”

Listen to how this couple eventually found the ability to be hopeful as they moved forward.

“The strength that she [Jennifer] showed, the faith that she shows. We just purposed that no matter what happened, that we were going to have a testimony,” Doug says. “And that’s what we’ve accomplished. We’ve reached so many people.”


  • “I had a feeling something was going on because I’d had stage I [cancer] before and I felt numb.”
  • “Hearing those words, ‘You have cancer,’ was devastating. I was kind of in shock.”
  • “Jennifer was thinking about her life and what was going to happen to her. I was thinking about what my life was going to be without her.”

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