Cancer Is the Enemy – Episode 293

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Featuring: Anita McCray

Published: December 18, 2021

Fight the good fight.

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Show Notes:

Back behind the microphone with Rev. Percy McCray is his wife Anita McCray. Anita was not only Rev. McCray’s caregiver during his cancer journey but has spent more than two decades in the health care field helping to establish and manage private physician practices.

Anita has worked with several oncology practices and physicians, witnessing the physical, emotional, and spiritual impact a cancer diagnosis can have on patients and their families. She also witnessed the transformational journey of her mom, who survived breast cancer.

In this episode, Anita takes time to share her personal perspectives on how one may approach a cancer diagnosis and the appropriate attitudes that may help patients move forward.


  • “If you want to fight this fight, fight this fight. If you have a will to, and a desire to continue your journey, continue your journey, it’s within you!”
  • “[Cancer:] It’s what we fight against. It causes pain and heartache to so many. I’ve watched it destroy families.”
  • “My mother, who had breast cancer, said to me after her diagnosis and after she was in remission, that she had a personality change. My mom had a quiet personality but then she became a little bit more boisterous.”

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