I Kept My Cancer Diagnosis to Myself – Episode 294

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Featuring: Rev. Daniel Horton

Published: December 25, 2021

I was afraid to tell my church I had cancer.

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Show Notes:

Rev. Daniel Horton, longtime friend of Rev. Percy McCray, returns to share his concerns about whether our local churches are prepared to support the cancer community within their assemblies.

Rev. Horton shares his reasons for why he did not tell members of his church about his diagnosis.

“A lot of people hear the word cancer and they automatically prepare you for your demise,” he says. “I didn’t want to alarm anybody. And it is true that most people in church do not know how to treat a cancer patient.”

Rev. Horton was one of the early church leaders who aligned his congregation with the free Our Journey of Hope Cancer Care Leadership training program.

“I think a lot of churches … they mean well,” he says. “They really do. But the problem is they don’t have the expertise on how to translate that [information and support] and they need to learn. That’s what the Our Journey of Hope program provided.”


  • “I was not checking out. I told my wife: don’t you tell anybody that I have cancer. Don’t tell them that I’m going to the hospital every week.”
  • “I’m sticking around. I got to hang out for the party.”

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