I Finally Found a Dance Partner – Episode 296

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Featuring: Christina Parrish

Published: January 8, 2022

I heard you the first time, I just didn’t agree with what you said.

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Show Notes:

Pancreatic cancer survivor Christina Parrish returns to the show with host Rev. Percy McCray to discuss the importance of getting a second or third opinion when diagnosed with cancer.

Christina says she was told by two oncologists 14 years ago that she had a 2-percent chance of survival with stage IV pancreatic cancer.

“They actually sent me home and gave me six months to live, they both told me, there’s not much we can do for you, just go home and get your affairs in order; that didn’t suit me very well.”

She encourages every cancer patient to be their own healthcare advocate.

Listen to this incredible community cancer advocate, who reminds everyone not to be concerned about hurting your doctors’ feelings if you choose to ask for an additional diagnosis elsewhere.

“Look [your] doctor square in the eye and ask him, ‘Are you battling the cancer? Or am I,’ she says. “‘You’re part of the team, but it’s ultimately me that’s doing the hard work.’”


  • “I’m a huge advocate for my own care.”
  • “I advocate for everybody to be more of an advocate for what they need.”
  • “When it comes to cancer, you have to be that person that says, ‘Hey, this is me that’s dealing with this and I need you to listen to me.’”

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