Finding Confidence to Believe Again – Episode 298

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Featuring: Dr. Leah Killings

Published: January 22, 2022

I almost allowed frustration to keep me from medical care.

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Show Notes:

Joining host Rev. Percy McCray is Dr. Leah Killings, an ordained minister, radio show host and abdominal cancer patient. Dr. Leah shares the unsettling way she received her cancer diagnosis—through an online medical record notification system.

“I had the notification on and about 11 o’clock at night I got that I had a message,” she says. “And when I looked over and saw that it was from this particular doctor’s office, I opened up my chart. It said the tumor was cancerous. And it’s in the middle of the night. I can’t call anybody. And so, I had to have a long conversation with the Lord: how could this be?”

Affectionately known as Dr. Happy, Dr. Leah discusses her frustration and decision to disconnect with the healthcare system.

“Those of us that have gone down this journey, we recognize that they’re [clinicians] practicing, but sometimes it is at the detriment of those of us that are under the needle. But it’s very frustrating because you’re told to come back in three weeks and understandably, because they have to see other people, but your situation is unique to you and you think that things need to be done immediately. It’s almost as if it’s a stab to say you’re important, but not that important because you need to wait. And so, when you’re reaching and grasping for answers, and then you have to wait for insurance and then things have to be coded properly, the process is so absolutely frustrating that it causes you to just want to give up…”

Listen and learn how and why Dr. Happy was able to trust in the direction of the healthcare system again with a new healthcare partner that offered her a “new piece of heaven.”


  • “I believe in trusting the things of God and I know He doesn’t put more on us than we can bear, but this was a little unbearable.”
  • “This is a cruel joke.”
  • “I just believe that my assignment has not been complete; you can’t take me out now.”

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