The Power of Three – Episode 300

Health, Hope & Inspiration

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Featuring: Robb Hiller

Published: February 5, 2022

From Chief Executive Officer to Cancer “Encouragement” Officer.

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Show Notes:

Former tech company CEO Robb Hiller, diagnosed in 2017 with three types of cancer, joins Rev. Percy McCray to share his remarkable journey, and of becoming someone who offers encouragement and inspiration to other cancer patients.

Robb reflects on the dismay he and his wife felt when the doctor informed them of his diagnosis. “’You don’t have one cancer, you don’t have two, you have three,’ he says. Wow, we were stunned, and we looked at each other and tears started to well up in our eyes.”

After finding his emotional footing, Robb forged ahead through several 10-hour days of chemotherapy treatment and eventually wrote a book of encouragement entitled The Power of 3.

Listen to this “Chief Encouragement Officer” as he unpacks the three key empowerment principles that he used to cope during a challenging cancer journey.


  • “I jokingly said to the doctor, ‘So, I got the trifecta.’” [when told he had three types of cancers]
  • “We got back home and sat in the room, we both sat there, we cried. It is healthy to cry. There is nothing wrong with that.”
  • “As children of the Most High God, the Holy Scriptures tell us to guard our minds…”

Learn More:

Click image below to access Robb Hiller’s book The Power of 3

the power of 3 book