It’s Not a Death Sentence Anymore – Episode 301

Health, Hope & Inspiration

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Featuring: Judith Lee

Published: February 12, 2022

The power of an encouraging word.

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Show Notes:

Joining Rev. Percy McCray behind the microphone is Judith Lee, a retired schoolteacher who was diagnosed in 2019 with metastatic breast cancer. Judith received clinical care at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), Atlanta. She was treated with oral chemotherapy and currently has no evidence of disease.

Judith provides listeners with a critical turning point of inspiration she received from her brother after being told of her cancer diagnosis via a phone call by her doctor. “’You must remember that it’s not a death sentence to have breast cancer anymore,’” she says her brother told her. “I knew that God had this, and he was going to make a way for me.”

Listen to this woman of faith’s tremendous story of hope.


  • “I thought all breast cancer was the same. It’s not. I did not know that.”
  • “When people say, ‘What can I do?’, take them up on their offer of help.”
  • “Throughout this journey, I have prayed that I be an encouragement and a blessing to others because others have been certainly a blessing to me.”

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