Sometimes It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better – Episode 302

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Featuring: Ed Russ

Published: February 19, 2022

Never be afraid to change your course of direction.

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Show Notes:

Joining Rev. Percy McCray in his virtual studio is Ed Russ, a retired police officer and father of three, who was diagnosed with stage IV rectal cancer and was treated at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), Atlanta.

Ed, who has had no evidence of disease since Jan. 12, 2021, shares his initial thoughts when he was first diagnosed. “I really felt it was a death sentence,” he says. “I didn’t know a great deal about cancer, but I knew it wasn’t good.”

He also reflects on the toll treatment took on him, especially after his initial treatment protocols failed. “I wasn’t in a good state,” he says. “The treatment had really worn me down.”

That’s when Ed’s wife, who was his caregiver, sprang into action and discovered the potential of advanced genomic testing and targeted therapy at CTCA®.

“[Advanced genomic testing and targeted therapy] was in my mind a miracle,” he says. “I was getting this treatment every three weeks. I didn’t have side effects. I was living a good quality of life, with no evidence of disease.”

Listen now to this awe-inspiring story of perseverance.


  • “After he [my doctor] told us, we didn’t tell anyone because we wanted to make sure that we got to our children first.”
  • “Unfortunately, prior to surgery, I knew that it [cancer] had spread to my lungs.”
  • “Don’t let fear make your decisions.”
  • “The treatment wasn’t working; the stuff in my lungs was growing.”

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