I Looked for a Better Way – Episode 304

Health, Hope & Inspiration

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Featuring: Sandy Russ

Published: March 5, 2022

The determination to turn over every rock for a solution.

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Show Notes:

Caregiver Sandy Russ, who provided support to her husband Ed, sits down with Rev. Percy McCray to help listeners understand the powerful role of an engaged caregiver and how they may have to step up and take the lead in accessing the type of treatment and care their loved ones should receive.

Sandy shares her reaction and outlook when she learned of her husband’s diagnosis.

“I drove home, and I was praying the whole way home,” she says. “I needed to be able to be strong to help him and our daughters. I knew it was going to be difficult for them to hear those words. When you hear you have cancer, the worst things go through your mind.”

When Ed’s initial treatment protocol did not produce positive results and his outlook began to look bleak, Sandy said her fear was not just that her husband would die, “but that he would die and then I would find out about something that we hadn’t tried.

“We had to make something good out of something bad,” she says.

Listen and be inspired to hear an answer to prayer that changed the course of Ed’s medical care.


  • “I started researching as he was progressively getting worse; I prayed for knowledge.”
  • “I knew we had to go for a second opinion. And it was far from our home. We were going to have to travel. It was going to be inconvenient, but it was what we needed to do.”
  • “I never asked, why this is happening. I knew that there was a reason for it.“

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