What Does a Cancer Fighter Look Like? – Episode 305

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Featuring: Avery Garn

Published: March 12, 2022

There is strength in numbers.

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Show Notes:

Avery Garn returns behind the mic with host Rev. Percy McCray to share her new passion and work as coordinator of the support group Cancer Fighters,® sponsored by Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), which is now part of City of Hope®.

In this interview, Avery, a former benign brain tumor patient, shares who the Cancer Fighters are and what they have to offer anyone whose life has been touched by cancer.

“We want to offer a community of hope and support and resources to help them along their cancer fighting journey,” she says.

The Cancer Fighters community “is a network of patients who offer to share their story with recently diagnosed patients,” she says. “My main role is really offering opportunities to connect when you are in the hospital between appointments, or if you’re in town for weeks for radiation or whatever.”

Listen to learn how any cancer patient can connect with this great resource. “We really try to offer opportunities to connect with other patients, whether that is through bingo or a crochet class or watercolor,” Avery says. “So, we try to offer patients the chance to meet one another and connect over cancer or other interests.”


  • “One thing that I think we know to be true is no one needs a reminder that they have cancer.”
  • Cancer Fighters offers “a space where they (cancer patients) can focus on something else and just relax as much as they can during their time here (in the hospital).”
  • “We have stories of patients who have met in the hospital and plan their appointments, there are out-of-town patients who plan future appointments so that they can all come at the same time, visit one another.”

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