Cancer Took Me from Skating Glory to Giving God Glory – Episode 306

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Featuring: Scott Hamilton

Published: March 19, 2022

Skating taught me how to get up from falling down.

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Show Notes:

In this episode, U.S. Olympic figure skating champion Scott Hamilton joins Rev. Percy McCray to discuss his rise to Olympic success and then coming to terms with being diagnosed with testicular cancer as well as three benign brain tumors.

Scott, who lost his mother to a cancer 20 years earlier, candidly shares with listeners that his doctor admonished him for not taking his diagnosis seriously.

“I don’t take anything seriously,” he says.

But then Scott says his doctor told him, “’This is either benign, malignant or something else,’ he says. At that moment, I realized 20 years after losing my mom, that I’m being diagnosed with the same disease that took her from me. And my mom was the center of my universe.”

Hamilton provides listeners with insight into his mental and emotional approach to how he engaged his clinical process and treatment of his disease.

“I’m gonna be the best patient they’ve ever had, and I’m gonna be all in,” he says. “I’m gonna step into this full engagement of rising up above my limitations.”


  • “I choose how I’m gonna go through this [cancer journey], and I wanna go through it fully engaged, game on, one hundred percent all in.”
  • “I went from thinking I could see myself diminishing and dying to no, I’m gonna be on tour next year.”
  • “Because I failed before [as a competitor], I knew how to rise above that.”

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