Isn’t There a Better Way to Treat Cancer? – Episode 307

Health, Hope & Inspiration

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Featuring: Scott Hamilton

Published: March 26, 2022

Chemo saved my life, but I can’t wait to get rid of it.

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Show Notes:

Returning to the Health, Hope & Inspiration virtual studio is Olympic figure skating gold medalist and four-time cancer patient Scott Hamilton.

This conversation provides a transparent look at this high-profile athlete’s journey with testicular cancer and three benign brain tumors that ultimately put into focus new priorities in his life that included marriage, children, crystallization of his faith, and being a change agent for the clinical approach of cancer through his Scott Hamilton Cares Foundation.

Hamilton recalls a particular conversation with his oncologist about his treatment plan and what to expect from chemotherapy.

“I realized that he never had gone through chemotherapy,” he says. “He administered it. He saved a lot of lives with it, but he never had it. So, for him to explain it was really difficult, to find the right words that would really represent what that experience was like.”

The Olympic champion passionately shares how he realized it was time for him to lean into the cancer process.

“I went through cancer and it’s like, ‘all right, now it’s time to shift,’” he says. “I need to get intimately involved with this subject. And so, I became more of an activist.”

Listen now and hear how this former cancer patient, who once stood atop the Olympic medal podium, transitioned 15 years ago to become a powerful cancer and health care advocate.


  • “We created this mentorship organization that pairs newly diagnosed patients with survivors.”
  • “We’re gonna start a website. We’re gonna describe every aspect of the chemotherapy experience, every drug, how they work, what they’re designed to do, and all of the side effects in eighth-grade English.”
  • “More people fear{ed} the treatment than death. And so, I thought we gotta pay attention to this.”

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