Can Your Environment Impact Your Healing – Episode 310

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Featuring: Shanique Brown-McKinney

Published: April 16, 2022

My pavilion of peace was my refuge for healing.

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Show Notes:

Sharing the microphone with Rev. Percy McCray is breast cancer patient Shanique Brown-McKinney, who was diagnosed in October 2016 and was treated at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), Atlanta, now part of City of Hope.

Shanique is an effervescent mother of two, who resides on the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. She was treated with chemotherapy and had a double mastectomy and, at time of this recording, had no evidence of disease.

Shanique discusses the value and importance of the clinical environment and care team during her treatment.

“At least 90 percent of the time I was by myself,” she says. “And when I came to CTCA, I honestly did not feel alone because those persons that I met along the way, they became friends. So, I was actually in the midst of doctors, nurses, drivers and schedulers. But I was now among friends who did so much for me.”

Sit back and listen to a mother’s cancer journey, who was far away from hearth and home, but was supported, loved and nurtured to keep the faith in her clinical environment.


  • “I was a little distraught [when diagnosed] because, you know, we had this stigma when we had cancer, we relate cancer with death.”
  • “I would say to a person is not to give up, the fight starts in your head. Once you believe in your head and in your heart that you are healed, then that’s what it is, because faith without works is dead.”
  • “My daughters are the reason that I remain hopeful, they’re the reasons why I fight so hard. I needed to be here for my kids.”

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