My 14-Year Journey with Cancer – Episode 311

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Featuring: Kathy Branzell

Published: April 23, 2022

You can be a person of prayer who believes in the miracle of medicine.

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Show Notes:

Show host Rev. Percy McCray traveled to Nashville, Tenn. to attend the National Religious Broadcasters convention and was introduced to author and the National Day of Prayer Task Force President Kathy Branzell, who is also a cancer survivor who endured a 14-year battle with a brain tumor.

Kathy shares from her heart, discussing the challenging journey during treatment and the fact that her now 16-year-old son was also diagnosed with a rare blood cancer. He was born four months after her diagnosis.

During this discussion with Rev. McCray, Branzell reacts to the notion of whether faith and medicine are in conflict with one another, to establish a clear perspective that is both enlightening and encouraging.

Listen now to this amazing woman of prayer who reminds everyone that “Cancer is not a result of God punishing you. And if somebody’s trying to drag you into the ‘hospital ward of shame,’ uh, walk away.”


  • “I was devastated. I was afraid because my son had been born in July and this was the 1st of November, and all I could think about was him.”
  • “Sometimes we pack and then we unpack and then we pack, and we unpack. I really believe that that’s part of the journey, but you have to process it in prayer because if you process it by yourself, it’s just all these voices going on in your head.”
  • “Step in, don’t step out. Don’t be afraid that you’re going to say something stupid, because you will, okay. And then laugh about it. And then just say, ‘You know what? I don’t know what I’m doing here.’”

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