Prayer Is Not Just a Privilege, It’s the Law – Episode 312

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Featuring: Kathy Branzell

Published: April 30, 2022

Going from brain cancer patient to President of the National Day of Prayer.

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Show Notes:

Returning to the microphone with Rev. Percy McCray from the National Religious Broadcasters convention is Kathy Branzell, book author and President of the National Day of Prayer Task Force.

In this conversation, Kathy discusses her role with the National Day of Prayer and how its history was written into law by the Congress of the United States of America.

Kathy has written several books about prayer, one entitled Invitation to Prayer. In it, the author shares how prayer can “get you rethinking about godly love, wisdom; all the things people on a cancer journey are looking for …”

Click and listen now to this tireless “prayer warrior” who declares, “I just armor up every day and I get to go love people. Wow. I get to teach people how to pray. I get to pray for people with people; what a beautiful assignment He’s [God] given us.”


  • “I am so grateful. I never aspired to this [becoming the President of the National Day of Prayer].”
  • “We [National Day of Prayer Task Force] are boots on the ground, and knees on the ground in almost every county in America.”
  • “[Through prayer] you remind yourself of His [God] mighty attributes. It puts you in a whole different mindset because you remember how powerful He is and how weak cancer is.”

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