If You See Something, Do Something – Episode 313

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Featuring: Mark Dreistadt

Published: May 7, 2022

Advanced technology can be a game changer for diagnosing cancer.

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Show Notes:

Rev. Percy McCray is joined in the HHI virtual studio by Mark Dreistadt, a prostate cancer patient, who was treated at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), Chicago, now part of City of Hope.

In this discussion, Mark shares a candid admission of how he probably waited too long to address an elevated PSA test, which is an indicator of prostate cancer.

“Frankly, in retrospect, I dragged it out way too long in denial,” he says. Mark says he told himself: “You know, I’m going to be able to overcome this. I’m going to eat right and exercise and keep my prostate level down.”

This discussion with Rev. McCray will also focus on the value of early detection and the different types of diagnostic tools available to help secure a more accurate diagnosis.

Listen and be inspired by someone who has been there and done that.


  • “I was confident in my faith. And if prostate cancer would take me to the end of my journey in this life, I’m comfortable with that because I know in whom I have believed, I know where my confidence is, I know where my eternity is.”
  • “There’s a redefinition of self that happens, because when there’s cancer and I had a surgery, you lose something of who you are. Your body functions different, your mind functions differently …”
  • “Not all prostate cancers are aggressive.”
  • “Get your PSA tests early and regularly; if a biopsy is needed, act quickly.”

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